Formulated to hit your specific macros

The Adventure

When we set out to create the perfect bar, first we tried just about every other bar on the market. Not that they were all bad, but we had to know what was out there in order for us to make something better. Some were bitter. Others too sweet. We started to see a pattern of “keto bars” relying heavily on cashews and peanuts, or loading up their bars with sugar alcohols. Others used IMO fiber, from which the top keto gurus are steering away. We wanted to make our bars cleaner, yet maintain some of the rich flavors we liked from our competitors. So we approached our formulation team with a big challenge. “We want our Keto bar to have ZERO added sugar, ZERO Sugar Alcohols and ZERO IMOs. (iso malto oligosaccharides)”

At first they were silent and doubted that it would be possible. Yet after tireless formulation attempts, they finally were able to hit our goals with a bar that tasted amazing, had a great texture and as a little bonus…it gets even better if you toss it in the fridge!

So the first CRYOºBAR was born. We decided to formulate a sister bar specifically for the folks who might be leaning toward low carb, but may not be quite into Keto. The traditional bar is still formulated in an effort to cut way back on carbs, use clean ingredients but our sweeteners do include semi-sweet chocolate chips and a bit of honey, in addition to stevia and monk fruit.

Our goal in the future is to make more flavors, holding true to our goal of making the cleanest bars on the market. What will our next flavor be? Drop us a line and let us know what flavor you’d like to try next!


The beginning of something amazing

CRYOºBARS were made for people who don’t have time to make the perfect meal, but also don’t have room to compromise. If you’re like us, you’re on your way to accomplish big things! Maybe you’re trekking further than you’ve ever gone before. Or you’re burning the midnight oil while building a new business. Whatever has you stretched to the max, you can always grab a CRYOºBAR and keep on going with the peace of mind that every bite meets the mark on nutrition and quality. But we’re on our way somewhere too! With your help in getting the word out about our products, we hope to build a grassroots movement of people who rely on CRYOºBARS for their daily recharge. After all, if you find something great, why not spread the word? Help us get the word out by clicking “Share” below and sending our page to a friend.

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